• Aseun


    The Armored One
  • Demons


    Rulers of the Deep Hells
  • Eric Glass

    Eric Glass

    Werewolf Mercenary
  • Khaos


    "You will not see me. You will not feel my presence. And then... you will die." -Khaos
  • Lilith Bluearrow

    Lilith Bluearrow

    Female elf of the northern Treeroc Forrest
  • Maeor the Mayor

    Maeor the Mayor

    Mayor of Rell
  • Orrin Serrata

    Orrin Serrata

    Mysterious Wizzard
  • Rapp Silvertooth

    Rapp Silvertooth

    Street hustler, con artist, small time magician, diplomat. And yes I have a silver tooth. Of recent I have become a reaper.
  • Reapers


    Keeper of souls, master of death. ~Mantra of the Reaper
  • The Undead Horde

    The Undead Horde

    They're a horde...of undead...that about sums it up.
  • Werewolves


    "They are stalking us! ...Can you hear them?!" Beasts of feral ferocity. Where they walk, gore remains in their wake.