"They are stalking us! ...Can you hear them?!" Beasts of feral ferocity. Where they walk, gore remains in their wake.


Towering on average of 6 feet tall, and shoulders as wide as two men standing side by side. The massive wolf-men bear the head of a wolf, claws sharper than steel blades, and teeth more jagged than the maw of a dragon. The ultimate killing machine. Their prey are doomed the moment it’s scent is caught.


Legend of the lycan has been told for centuries. Their origins are unknown, but speculation conjures a father species to all were creatures that has remained in seclusion. Stories of men that could transform into a wolf willingly or forced during the full moon. Even worse are the transitions in between. The mad beast men are masters of the hunt and kings of tracking. Tales told claim that nothing but silver can end the cursed creatures life; few have been brave enough to try.

A new era brings about strange new weres. These beast men have somehow managed to take control of their ferocity and taken a step into the light; exposing themselves willingly to be accepted in the brave new world.


Armored One ThunderKing