Rapp Silvertooth

Street hustler, con artist, small time magician, diplomat. And yes I have a silver tooth. Of recent I have become a reaper.


Gifted in the skill of Ledger Man, Rapp’s Wits and Charisma are nearly unmatched. He is known to have switched sides more than once in a single battle always to end up on the winning side.


Born and bred in the smelting port of Suldin I am a self taught street hustler and con man. I can also be very diplomatic and persuasive when the necesity arises.

In and out of street gangs from the age of 6 I have seen more than my fair share of the inside of a jail cell. The majority of my time is spen on this or that street corner challenging passer bys to various games of chance. Sure I’ll occasionally rob to keep bread on the table but who wouldnt?

Actually, one particular theft gone wrong is what landed me in my current situation. You see I was looting some well-to-do’s tall house when a night watchman decided to stroll by and caught me half way out the window. One court date and a week or two in jail later I was hit with a fine of 1,000 platinum stars. Obviously an amount that a mid level street hustler didnt exactly have lying around. So what dose the justice system do? Thats right! Slavery. Some nonsense about owing society, community service, blaa, blaa, blaa…

Well there I am up on the selling block my live for sale. And guess who walks by. That crusader of the good Eric Glass. That bastard offers to pay off my entire dept in return for a soul contract. Of course the choice is not up to me and the city is more than happy to be rid of me.

Now Mr. High and Mighty gets to drag my ass all over the world and we actually have to help other people. I get my kicks by picking fights that Eric has to finish and robbing blind those that he helps.

My story also has a darker side. You see on one particular “save the town mission” that Eric had gotten us into we were attacked by the Reaper General Xaramnos. Of course Eric defeater her in combat after which she turned to stone as reapers do when they die. The odd thing about this one though was the necklace she wore, it hadnt turned to stone with the rest of her. So here I was looking at a real Reaper and jewlery for the taking. “Thats got to be worth a platimun or two” I thought to my self…so why not lift it. Well that’s just what I did. As soon as I put the thing on I was wracked with horrid, burning pain. After spending a few minutes on the groud I came to my senses only to find that my entire body was covered with a tattoo replica of my skeleton.

I am now a reaper. Keeper of souls and all that. I wander the place between life and death, I hear things whisper to me in the dead of night, I see the souls of the dead wander the world, lost and alone.

Rapp Silvertooth

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