Eric Glass

Werewolf Mercenary

Ready to rush into combat on a moments notice, but smart enough to test other ways to proceed. Hot blooded and short tempered makes him a savage combatant, and keeps his friends on their toes. Courageous when times are dark, Valiant when he is needed. Eric is a stalwart protector to loved ones and strangers alike. Devoutly loyal to his friends and companions. He is know through the land for his quests and thought of with kind regard. It is an honor to be known as his friend.

Quote from Eric the Wolf,

"I was born a were. I was unaware i was different due to the fact my mother and father took into account the strife I would have living like a normal child. So they took it upon themselves to live as outsiders. Our home was a warm cottage found in the deep foliage of the forests outside of Suldin, the Smelting Port. My mother, Gentle Ria, was fond of books and the vasts knowledges they held. She seemed it was best for me to know as much of the world as I could. My education was not limited to that of the common world, but the dark depths of what is preferably unseen. My father Rolf “Ro” Glass the Cromson, whom carried the wolf’s blood, taught me how to defend myself in all forms throughout my life. Rigorous was my training, but the rewards led to my coming fame.

Being a young man, I discovered the life near the city was a comfortable one. As happy as I my youthful zeal craved to know the city. It became a daily excursion of mine to visit the bustling Suldin, and find adventure. What with my limited communication with others I thought myself to be an outsider, but the port is not called The Smelting Pot for nothing. I was popular for my honest and blunt behavior. It was during one of my merriment visits to the Siren’s Tavern when the screams echoed throughout the street.

Our city was being mauraded by a small band of pirates. Only nineteen drunken swarthy bandits made the crew, obviously left behind for their inadequate capabilities. It happens from time to time; apparently this crew had awoken from their stupor from last nights drunken overhall, to find that their ship had left them behind. Lost their wits to the ale, the brigands had started trouble with local dock workers.

I came outside to find the slovenly misfits raiding the best known ship in port, the Wave Rider. One laborer lay dead with two stab wounds in his chest, deep dark blood flowing from his body slow and sluggish. The guards were fighting for their lives and I was only scant meters away.

The leader of the vermin had pinned a guard against crates on the north side of the dock. The guard was making a tired effort to deflect his attacker’s blows. Each parry slower to meet the oncoming cutlass.

He would not last another blow.

The surely pirate took notice of his enemies waning stamina and took aim. The blade came down like lightning.

Just in time I wrapped my arm around the assaulter’s neck and my free hand to take hold of the one he held his sword with. Catching him off guard I put all my weight into throwing him behind me. My muscles stretched taught at the strain of lifting his mass off the dock, and his body was hurled over backwards behind me.

With one battle delayed, I turned in time to see an oncoming ally of the villain. His toothless snarl was revolting as he raised his blade. Anticipating his move my body slid to the side as the sharp steel swept past my body; my heightened reflexes allowed my hand to jab out, jugular shot to the brute. His eyes rolled back and froth came to his mouth as his limp body hit the dock.

My blood boiling as it raged through my veins. I could see clearer, farther, everything. The once clear skies, blue ocean, and colored environment around me, all took on a red haze.

The gums in my mouth were tickling, and blood was on my tongue. The hush of the wind carried every sound from the other side of the port, and I could here it all. My skin was itching; thick dark, gold fur grew. Nails that should be the same were evolving into long dark talons. My bones were roaring furnaces, and my muscles melted like ice in the sun. I had become my true self.

Now as a Crinos, my leer found the previous target. Now an urchin sobbing, begging for his life. Focused on him, my attention was not on the rest of his band. Slowly twelve of the lowlifes crept up behind me.

They had expected to overpower me with sheer numbers, but my now superior body was far beyond their simple understanding. I whirled around faster than their eyes could keep track of. Seven of them had swords ready to strike moments before. They were the one I would need to kill.

My claws rent loose flesh, blood pouring over my arm. In seconds I had taken six lives; a seventh, had managed to evade an instantly fatal blow, he would die slowly.

The rest of the swashbucklers dropped to their knees and surrendered. As expected the crowd of onlookers were terrified. I thought at the time they were even more terrified of me than the pirates. Fear turned to anger. Anger turned to blood lust. The scared crowd, including some who I have taken drinks with, formed a mob determined to kill the monster. I was angry at these people for discarding the fact that i had just saved them, and now they wanted to harm me.

My anger got the better of me.

Expecting a fight to the death, I readied myself.
From the back of the mob a distraught shout of fury raged through the dock. Louder and fiercer than anyone here the mob turned to see its source. There stood, white knuckled, vein popping, my father.

“What is wrong with you blasted damned people?!”, his voice was quaking the very foundations of the pier. “You all miserable lot know me! You know what I have done! I am your ancestors” he said honor, “Defender! You dare? You dare stand against my kin? My son?!”. His voice was taking on a deep tremor, i could see his eyes reddening.
It was as if two were speaking as one, “You pathetic worms! I will end your very existence, as is my right! By defending your ancestors I inevitably saved all of you! I say now, honor my son as he deserves”, my father’s body began to transform, course dark auburn hair bleeding through his skin as he went on to roar,“or face my fury that dims the very flames of Hell!”

So that was how I became a hero. How I almost died by the hands of the ones I had saved. And how my dad, Rolf “Ro” the Crimson, saved my ass.

The beginning of my adventures."

After the event Eric left Suldin on various mercenary jobs, and treasure hunting. Upon his return visit to his home, he witnessed the auctioning of a lone criminal; Rapp Silvertooth, a street rat, sweet talker. Not believing in slavery, Eric at first denied entertaining the thought of purchase. After witnessing the other potential bidders, her came to realize
they were going to use Rapp’s “unique abilities”. Believing he could change the lost soul, Rapp Silvertooth became the soul property of Eric Green.

Later in their travels together the duo came upon an elf maiden, and lone shade. The new band of heroes headed out to end an undead army’s blight on a town. Along the way the group managed to accidentally free a possessed suit of armor. Friend or foe is not for certain, but the quest continues.

Eric Glass

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