Armored One

Armored one
The ongoing adventures of three adventurers that don't go well together.

Not all of this necessairly happen on the first day.

We fell into a hole up in some mountians that for some reason known only to the ST.
btw why were we even in the mtns in the first place?

So we land in a square room and proceed to poke around.
hhhh-After knocking over a statue the room comes to life and proceds to attempt to anilate us (big suprise)
hhhh-We kill 8 (i think) statues. Each statue held a gem that fit into one of 8 slots around a set of stairs. Once said gems were placed we could move onto the next area.
hhhh-In the next area we are attacked by shadow creatues that take over Kahos (Essex- who magically dissapeared right after these events and was replaced by Rapp Silvertooth- dose some stuff with Eric Glass and they save the day) we untake him over and move on to area 3


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